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Mobile, Integrated, Connected: proALPHA ERP 7.2

Reading Time: 3 Minutes 01.12.2020 Currents & Trends

What's New in the Latest proALPHA ERP Release 7.2

Software provider proALPHA has presented the latest version 7.2 of its ERP system. True to its motto "Mobile, Integrated, Connected", the release unites comprehensive extensions that can be specifically used to map the key processes in production even better.

proALPHA ERP now features flexible packaging and bundle management as well as standard functionalities for joint production and setup optimization. The highlights in finance and controlling include advanced receivables management. The ERP software has also been enhanced with regard to mobile working, for example by the mobile production control center. The integrated document management system (DMS) has also been optimized to meet the requirements of mobile working. The release is available as of now.

The more a company has advanced in digitalization, the better it can withstand a crisis.
Gunnar Schug, CTO proALPHA


proALPHA ERP version 7.2 encompasses more than 30 innovations and extensions. Some of the highlights of the release:

  • Setup Optimization
    To schedule individual work orders, production planning in proALPHA ERP now takes into account the time needed to set up machines and plants in addition to the capable-to-promise checks and available resources. This reduces cycle times as the software is now capable of planning the pending work orders in the right sequence.
  • Packaging and Bundle Management
    Another new feature in production optimization is packaging and bundle management. proALPHA is now capable of supporting a highly complex logistics process right at the interface between materials management and production planning. This enables you to plan packaging material for your work orders and to manage all containers, shipping packages and boxes on hand. Now you always know if you have the necessary numbers of packaging material in stock and when you have to order more. 
  • Joint Production
    A production step often yields more than one part. Various parts in different numbers and proportions can be created in the course of production processes like punching. proALPHA Joint Production now bundles all these parts in one work order, neatly organized by the respective quantities and values. This saves time and money as you no longer need manual postings to enter joint parts in the system. As another benefit, the actual production processes are now mapped in the system. The advantages of joint production can be implemented without any additional steps.
  • Receivables Management
    Bad debts might quickly cause small and mid-sized businesses to falter. This is why version 7.2 introduces extensive receivables management. You can now easily and immediately check the creditworthiness of your customers as the ERP system is directly connected to credit reporting agencies like Creditreform. Since this enables you to quickly detect critical trends in your customers' payment profile, the risk of bad debts is decreased significantly. In addition to checking the creditworthiness, proALPHA ERP now also offers functions for managing guarantees and factoring, flexible open items management, and a dynamic receivables analysis.
  •  Mobility Promoted in All Respects
    Mobile working with proALPHA has been largely enhanced by a number of new features. For instance, the mobile production control center informs you about whether you have got enough material for the next order. You can also report the completed activities right at the machine. Furthermore, the integrated document management system and packaging and bundle management have been further optimized for the use on mobile devices.

Gunnar Schug, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of proALPHA, says: "The more a company has advanced in digitalization, the better it can withstand a crisis. This was proven more than once in 2020. It's not just about interconnecting the individual work steps. To become more competitive, companies in production and trade must be capable of more flexible and mobile operations. proALPHA 7.2 provides many functions to support you in achieving this. This is how you set the course for a future in which people, machines and systems are seamlessly connected."

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