Press Release - 17.08.16

proALPHA and FORMAT renew their partner agreement for the integration of their solutions

Compliance with the Latest Customs and Export Regulations

The requirements for exporting companies are constantly on the rise. Important issues are, for example, ATLAS 8.7, the Iran embargo and denial orders. In order to help SMEs comply with these regulations, proALPHA and FORMAT have renewed their partnership with a new contract. The FORMAT systems for customs and export are integrated even deeper in the proALPHA ERP solution.

Both houses have been working together successfully for many years and have more than 100 shared customers. With the new, stronger partnership, they are facing the increased requirements in foreign trade together. Customers can benefit from a smooth integration of the ERP and customs/export systems. Always on top of the latest regulations, they can respect them already when planning their resources. This saves time and costs, avoids errors and increases efficiency in foreign trade processes.

"For a long time now, FORMAT has been an important partner to us for our foreign trade customers in need of a system for customs management, electronic customs processing and export control," says Bernhard Fix, partner manager at proALPHA. "Where we used to develop simple, individual interfaces to our ERP systems, we now create a comprehensive integration based on our platform INWB, which is used for the exchange of data and information with other IT systems."

"Due to stricter legal stipulations, the customs and compliance processes need to be connected more closely to the ERP system," adds Oliver Seider, Business Development Manager at FORMAT. "To reach this goal, our greater cooperation with proALPHA now allows for the deeper integration of foreign trade processes into the ERP system. This increases corporate security while reducing efforts."

FORMAT offers extensive solutions and consulting in the fields of customs management, export control and shipping. Smooth and reliable shipping and export processes are important especially to customers in trade, mechanical & plant engineering and parts manufacturing. The new product TCT (Tariff & Classification Tools) helps ensure correct tariffing and classification in the company process. This not only creates the basis for export control, but also for all import and export activities. This portfolio is supplemented with the company's latest developments, SAM (sanctions monitor) and WUP (origin of goods and preference calculation).

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a product demonstration and/or a talk with experts from proALPHA or FORMAT.

About FORMAT Software Service GmbH

FORMAT Software Service GmbH has developed, distributed and provided support for software solutions for foreign trade, customs and shipping since 1988. Customers of FORMAT benefit from the company's great expertise, comprehensive maintenance and update services as well as professional consulting, seminars, and training.

FORMAT software solutions are used by more than 1,300 customers from diverse industries. Their use ranges from individual systems to the integration in complex DP systems. The software solutions are continuously updated and adjusted to new legal stipulations. Interfaces to numerous ERP, PPS and merchandise management systems ensure an easy integration into existing DP systems.

Long-time experience and continuity make FORMAT Software Service GmbH a leading provider of software solutions tailored to these special fields of application with more than 75 employees. FORMAT Software Service GmbH is a member of the Bundesverband der Zollsoftware-Hersteller (BVZH; German Federal Association of Customs Software Providers)

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