proALPHA ERP Beratungspakete Integration von Systemen

System Integration

Fast and Convenient Connection of Machines, Systems, Sites, and Partners

The higher the connectivity in your company, the more interfaces are required. This might result in a complex network of point-to-point connections. We will advise you on how you can connect external systems to proALPHA fast and with low effort. Numerous point-to-point interfaces not only cause much maintenance work. They also make it more difficult to assess the effects of system modifications on the IT infrastructure. proALPHA helps you create seamless process chains and gives you full control of your IT.

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proALPHA System Integration Consulting at a Glance

  • Analysis of the system landscape complete with all interfaces
  • Integration concept oriented towards IT goals
  • Automation to achieve increases in efficiency fast
  • Selection of appropriate connection types
  • Reduction of redundant data and error-prone media disruptions
proALPHA Beratungspakete: Integration Systeme

Alternatives to Point-to-Point Connections

Many companies have been working with a large number of IT systems for such a long time that they can no longer determine which data are exchanged where and when. Very often, interfaces that are almost identical have been defined and programmed multiple times. proALPHA consultants will carry out an as-is analysis of your interfaces and identify potential for improvement as well as synergies.

proALPHA Integration Workbench

The proALPHA Integration Workbench (INWB) puts an end to high-maintenance interfaces by integrating IT systems, machines, sites and companies on a central platform.

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proALPHA creates seamless processes across software borders by integrating all relevant systems and reducing the number of interfaces.

Benefits of the Enterprise Service Bus

There are various ways to automate data flows. proALPHA's integration concept highlights practical, future-proof strategies, such as using an enterprise service bus (ESB). It features service-oriented architecture (SOA) and versatile configuration options to integrate external systems. As a result, various systems can be effortlessly connected and conveniently maintained.

Exchanging Data via EDI

When deciding on the technologies you want to use, you also have to take the systems into consideration your suppliers and customers prefer to communicate with. For example, EDI has become a standard in trade, automotive and supply, and the plastics and metal industry. proALPHA consultants will advise you on whether EDIFACT, VDA or Odette is the right solution for you.

proALPHA ERP Audit

Do you make full use of your ERP system? Systematic analysis of processes, data, IT systems and the organizational structure reveals potential for improvement.

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