proALPHA ERP Beratungspakete Business Intelligence

An Individual Approach to Business Intelligence

Defining and Implementing Demand-Based Analyses

Many companies struggle with business analytics: since they include far too much data in reporting, they cannot find the information they need for sound decision-making. proALPHA advises you on how you can make full use of analysis tools and methods. The first step is to determine your information needs and identify the KPIs that best map your business processes. Only then should business intelligence tools be selected and implemented. Usually, it takes only a few months until such a project pays off.

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The Highlights of proALPHA Business Intelligence Consulting

  • Reduce existing reports to essential information
  • Define relevant KPIs
  • Include experts in data visualization and information design in your IT teams
  • Identify quick wins
  • Automate manual tasks to save time
proALPHA Beratung: Business Intelligence

Focus on Your Requirements

How many reports are created in your company per day, week and month? How many figures turn out to be useful? Each proALPHA consulting project starts with a gap analysis comparing your information needs to existing analyses. The frequency with which reports should be created is taken into consideration, too. proALPHA consultants thoroughly scan all corporate data and any information relevant to reporting.

Identification of Relevant KPIs

The analysis of your information needs yields the KPIs that are specific to your company. The proALPHA Competence Center teams have in-depth knowledge of specific industries and help you choose the right KPIs to control a business process. The aim is to create an individual roadmap that will show you how to optimize your reporting step by step.

Used by Gustav Hensel GmbH & Co. KG

Customized business intelligence: Hensel has managed to create informative reports using the proALPHA Business Cockpits.

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"A few years ago, companies using BI had the edge over their competitors. Today, they have to identify relevant information fast to remain competitive."

Rasmus Bangel, Business Intelligence Competence Center team leader, proALPHA

Selection and Implementation of Tools

proALPHA also supports you in selecting the right tools. Do the management and department heads need versatile analyses they can filter themselves? Or do regular standard reports suffice for their purposes? If you want your IT team and specialists to create complex analyses on an ad hoc basis, they need a powerful tool that offers maximum flexibility. proALPHA creates the perfect kit to implement all of your requirements with you.

Step by Step

Optimizing reporting is a continuous task. Processes that involve data exports to Excel and manual editing have much potential for improvement because they are very time-consuming. proALPHA helps you automate manual tasks using continuous process improvement (CPI). Since your data are constantly changing, this approach also includes regular revision of report contents.

Success Factor Business Intelligence

How can you make full use of your ERP data? This webinar showcases powerful KPI and analysis tools.

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