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Mobility – Web Apps Are Solution of Choice

People who appreciate the convenience offered by mobile devices in private use do not want to do without them at work. In terms of mobile ERP components, the opportunity of process optimization is a company's greatest concern. This requires the right technology for access from anywhere.

Most ERP providers already offer mobile solutions. But in most cases, these are licensed apps that are hardly tailored to the ERP system in question. Their design and handling often do not have anything in common with the usual environment. They lack a uniform user guidance and consistent processes. Since adjustments cannot be made without further ado, companies often see themselves forced to adjust their processes to the mobile solution in use.

From an economic point of view, this hardly makes any sense in most cases. SMEs usually have quite complex logistics and production processes. There are enormous differences even within an industry. A standard app is and will stay a compromise: somehow it fits everywhere, but nowhere properly.

Intelligent web-based solutions tailored to existing business processes are the key to the successful implementation of a mobile ERP strategy. This is why proALPHA relies on web apps for its mobile solution.

Web Apps Increase Flexibility and Investment Security

Many companies make separate investment decisions for ERP and mobility. The mobile devices chosen (iOS, Android or Windows 10) are often not oriented towards the ERP system and often vary from department to department, for example Apple is used by managers, Android or Windows 10 by the other employees. Web apps guarantee mobile access regardless of the smartphone or tablet used.

Whereas native apps need to be developed separately for each device type and use case, a web app runs on the web browser of any device, regardless of the form factor and operating system used. Since web browsers have become a basic equipment for all mobile devices, they can be immediately used. Special use cases, such as rotate screen, do not have to be developed extra.

With an app running on all platforms, there is no need to look after several different apps. The app is always up-to-date, so that the devices used do not have to be updated on a regular basis.

As a result, web apps increase flexibility and investment security. At the same time, they reduce the companies' maintenance efforts. Internal IT employees can focus on more important tasks, like the development of functions and user guidance. The time saved can be used to develop innovations.

Individual Customizations Are Essential

It makes no sense to strictly tell SMEs which components to use for mobility. They usually work with individual processes to which the ERP system is adjusted to a certain extent. For this reason, proALPHA does not offer any mobile apps that would run at the slide of a finger once they are installed. Due to the diversity of requirements, proALPHA offers a number of templates. They are based on best practice and feature many functions typical of certain industries and use cases. During the implementation, the app will be configured to meet the specific requirements of your company. Just like the classic ERP system running on desktop computers, the mobile solution is then oriented towards your processes.

Do you want to learn how these web apps can be used for customer, supplier or service portals?

This and more about the mobile use of proALPHA ERP can be found here.

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