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The digitalization has led the world into a new era. An important part in this play high-tech products as produced by Rosenberger. The global player from
Upper Bavaria is a leading manufacturer of high-frequency, high-voltage and fiber-optical connectors. They are used in the automotive industry, mobile communication and in measurement and medical technology. Rosenberger is growing in all areas and has currently more than 11,000 employees around the globe.

Efficient processes are crucial for the competitiveness of a company. It is precisely in this respect that the rapid development has also caused growing pains which could not be relieved anymore by the complete ERP solution installed two decades ago. Therefore, Rosenberger initiated a large-scale project called Rosenberger 2020. It comprises the review and reorganization of all business processes, the revision of the master files and a complete upgrade from proALPHA 5.2 to the latest version 7.1. The large-scale project marks the leap into the future for both companies.. ...


  • "Rosenberger 2020": Large-scale project for efficient business processes in the digital age involving the reorganization of all processes, a full revision of all master files and the upgrade from proALPHA 5.2 to version 7.1
  • Development partnership between Rosenberger and proALPHA for new functionalities in the proALPHA standard version
  • Continuous planning and cost transparency in the center of process optimizations
  • Integrated quality management solution promotes a full awareness of the business processes

Industry: Electronics & High Tech, Fahrzeugbau, Medical Technology

Sites: Fridolfing/ DE. And further locations in Europe, Asia, North and South America

Products: Connectors and adapters, cable assemblies, testing equipment, tools and accessories, antennas, customer-specific solutions and calibration services

Revenue: EUR 1.3 Mrd.

Employees: worldwide > 11,000

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