Digitalization Solutions for the Sheet Metal Process Chain

KWM WEISSHAAR GmbH from Mosbach has specialized in the "Process chain: Sheet-metal working", as the company's slogan states. Founded in 1979, the company annually processes approximately 6,000 tons of raw sheets of steel, stainless steel or aluminum into simple C parts or complex welded assemblies and subassemblies. Their customers mainly operate in railway transport, mechanical engineering, production of printing machines, food and medical technology, and the automotive sector. Example: KWM WEISSHAAR produces the entire shell of the driving units for the trains of the Hamburger Hochbahn. 

Delivery capacity and reliability are a must here, but for economical reasons, they should not be ensured by keeping vast volumes of stock. Therefore, efficient resource planning, transparency, and smartly optimized production cycles are essential to competitiveness. KWM WEISSHAAR achieves this with the completely integrated ERP system proALPHA. It is the core element of highly interconnected production.


  • ERP connection to third-party systems and production machines
  • Mobile ERP solution registers and transmits material movements in real time
  • APS optimization via remote consulting
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Industry: Metal Processing

Sites: Mosbach, Baden-Württemberg

Products: Engineering, sheet-metal working, joining & welding, assembly and logistics

Revenue: € 50 m

Employees: 450

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