proALPHA Ushers in a New Era with Digitalized Processes

Taiwan, Russia, Kenya – these are just three of the more than 40 countries worldwide to which HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER delivers its products. With more than 130 years of experience in the production of animal feed, a total of 250,000 tons produced per year, and the great diversification resulting from a wide, unrivalled product range, the company has a leading position in Germany and the international market. Since 2005, the Hamburg-based company has been managing its processes with the ERP solution proALPHA, optimizing administrative processes in purchasing, sales, materials management, fixed asset accounting, and financial accounting.

With about 75% in turnover, Germany is the company's prime market, the rest being generated all over the world. In order to keep tabs on the consumption of raw materials, in particular for contract business, the company uses a cockpit which presents figures and data from day-to-day business in graphical form for both management and employees. Accounts payable are processed digitally with a connected solution by proALPHA's partner StratOz. Material demands are determined and planned with proALPHA Materials Management.

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Industry: Other Industries

Sites: Hamburg (headquarters), trade partners in over 20 countries worldwide

Products: Specialist and compound feeds for livestock and pets

Revenue: 90 Mio. € (2016)

Employees: Approx. 170 (2017)


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  • proALPHA Business Intelligence lays the foundation for fast and sound decision-making by providing relevant information.
  • Employees can access all necessary information in more than 20 different cockpits from anywhere.
  • proALPHA's partner StratOz provides a powerful solution for accounts payable management that enables the company to digitally process 17,000 invoices per year.
  • proALPHA Materials Management synchronizes the entire materials and value flow across all company divisions.
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Sound decision-making thanks to interactive business cockpits

In order to process figures and data generated in daily business and to present them in chart form, HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER uses more than 20 business cockpits by proALPHA as business intelligence tools. This includes various cockpits for sales, order processing, and financial accounting. "We want cockpits tailored to the needs of individual users, and not cockpits where everyone can see everything even if they only need some of the information. Our employees now receive precisely the information they actually need," says Mathias Grenzendörfer, project manager at HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER. This approach has proved to be successful. Now all employees are happy since they no longer need to maintain different Excel sheets and can now immediately access the latest figures and information at any time.


"The proALPHA cockpits are widely accepted, because the employees see how useful they are," Grenzendörfer says. For instance, the team who enters orders can view the order backlog for each product group up to seven days in advance. Employees in sales can view the turnover, sales volume, and gross profit at the push of a button at any time and from anywhere – even on their smartphone, tablet, and notebook. As a controlling tool, the Finance cockpit provides the board of management with data on the inventory and terms of receivables. "Our role-based cockpits help us make sound decisions in every aspect," Grenzendörfer says. Moreover, the interactive applications offer drill-down functions to analyze KPIs in detail. A central database ensures that all reports in the company are consistent.

Quick identification of market trends

The technology on which the cockpits are based is provided by proALPHA's partner Qlik. It automates reporting and data exports so that the employees can access all information themselves and no longer need to wait until they are sent an e-mail containing the information needed. Anomalies and trends in the fluctuating raw materials business can now be discovered in no time at all, enabling the purchasing team to find the right point in time to place an order. "Since we started handling the risk of long-term business this way, we can sleep easy at night," says Christian Neu, head of procurement and authorized officer at HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER.

The latest tool licensed is a production cockpit that prepares data on capacity and machine utilization from the production system, thereby ensuring optimum teamwork and communication between the order processing and production teams. When an order is entered, the employee responsible can immediately tell from the cockpit whether any capacities are available. It is no longer necessary to request this information "Our employees took to the Business Cockpits, because they saw how useful they were." Mathias Grenzendörfer, IT project manager at HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGS-FUTTER GmbH User Report – HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER GmbH from the production team. Since all orders placed by 2 p.m. are delivered the next day, transparent data are crucial.

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„Our epmloyees took to the Business Cockpits, because they saw how useful they were.“

Mathias Grenzendörfer, IT project manager at HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER GmbH

Convenient handling of 17.000 Invoices per year

To avoid time-consuming paperwork, HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER processes incoming invoices digitally, which involves 17,000 invoices per year, or an average of 75 per day. The employees of the departments concerned are notified of new invoices by e-mail. They can then check the new invoices in the VerifierPro mobile client, a solution by StratOz which is connected to proALPHA via an interface. Once they have been checked and validated, the invoices are automatically transmitted to proALPHA accounting for further processing. If an invoice has been incorrectly addressed, an employee simply notifies accounting, who then forwards the invoice to the right recipient.

"Thanks to the digitalized process and the resulting time and cost savings, three of the employees can now deal with other tasks since we introduced digital invoice processing," Neu says. Moreover, the entire accounting process is now transparent and free of errors. With about 75 invoices per day, it has happened before that some of them were left lying on a desk unprocessed. Quite often, employees from the accounting department then had to look into the matter. To the Hidden Champion, today's digital invoicing process means optimized processes, improved communication and a high level of employee identification.

Staying ahead of the competition thanks to materials management

HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER determines and plans demands using proALPHA Materials Management. Stock on hand, changes to current stock and material consumptions are mapped in proALPHA Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting. In addition, the company uses the Materials Management module to plan order quantities and control incoming goods. This creates seamless, synchronous quantity and value flows across all divisions, thereby ensuring full cost control. The company also manages its storage areas with this module. "Our business is very dynamic. We have a lot of raw materials and sales articles, and many deliveries with different prices and in different constellations. We manage all of this easily and in real time. This is quite unusual in the industry, which is why we set ourselves apart from the competition," Neu says.

HL HAMBURGER LEISTUNGSFUTTER ushered in a new era with proALPHA. The processes have been digitalized and made transparent, so that the company can act in response to market changes instead of just reacting. "The company somehow feels more modern thanks to digitalization," Christian Neu summarizes. "And that also helps us to be perceived as an attractive employer."

proALPHA ─ The ERP Solution of Choice

A strong company is the driving force behind this cutting-edge ERP industry solution: proALPHA is an innovative group that has earned the trust of numerous users and is always close to its customers, be it in Germany or around the world.

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