Insights in Injection Molding and Mold Construction

GAUDLITZ GmbH was founded in 1937 and has specialized in the development and production of high-quality molds and high-precision plastic parts made from thermoplastic and thermo-set raw materials. With its approx. 600 employees, the long-established company offers complete solutions ranging from the development of components and plastic solutions through to mold construction, plastics production, and system assembly. Since 2012, 80 users at GAUDLITZ's headquarters in Coburg have worked with proALPHA. The site in China followed in 2015.

In series production and make-to-order production, proALPHA has achieved integration of almost 100%.

GAUDLITZ GmbH is a provider of complete solutions ranging from the development of components through to mold construction, the production of plastic parts, and system assembly. The company processes more than 500 raw materials in production and manufacturing.

Besides the automotive industry with customers throughout Europe, including suppliers for Daimler, BMW, Audi, VW and PSA, medical technology is gaining importance as one of GAUDLITZ's business segments, featuring precise plastic components for glucometers, dialysis machines, and laboratory diagnostics.

On day-to-day basis, GAUDLITZ faces the challenge of suiting each customer's needs while guaranteeing feasibility and process reliability. A decentralized structure with sites in China and the Czech Republic coupled with steady growth requires that all corporate processes are mapped transparently and controlled at a central location.

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Sites: Deutschland, China, Tschechien

Products: Funktions-, Präzisions- und Formbauteile, Kunststoff-spritzgussteile, Baugruppen, Werkzeuge

Revenue: 58,2 Mio. Euro (2014)

Employees: 600

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  • The entire material, goods, value and information flow mapped in one system
  • Automation of processes with global WorkflowManagement
  • Significant time savings thanks to company-wide access to all documents in the DMS
  • Efficient management support in decision-making and identifying potential for optimization thanks to the proALPHA Analyzer
  • Company-specific requirements are implemented in the standard version

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Complex Requirements

Since it combines toolmaking and injection molding, GAUDLITZ has to master sophisticated make-to-order production as well as series production of large lot sizes. The corresponding processes have to be handled with the greatest reliability and efficiency.

The entire material, goods, value and information flow from procurement to delivery has to be planned, controlled and monitored in one system. GAUDLITZ was therefore looking for ERP software which could integrate all departments and processes in one complete solution.

Another important requirement was that the system should cover both make-to-order and series production. Moreover, not only should the workflows typical of the plastics industry be mapped, but also the processes specific to suppliers in the automotive industry. Ideally, the standard version of the new ERP system was to fulfill most of these requirements.

"I have to control the company in real time, and proALPHA provides us with reliable information really quickly."

Niels Roelofsen, CEO, GAUDLITZ GmbH

Why a Complete Solution

"We chose proALPHA because it's a powerful, cost-effective solution. We were especially impressed by the deep integration of all modules, the document management system, and WorkflowManagement," says CEO Niels Roelofsen.

Thanks to the full integration of the Document Management System (DMS) into proALPHA, all of the company's departments can access corporate data and documents directly. This results in significant time savings and a considerable increase in efficiency.

According to GAUDLITZ, a consistent comprehensive solution from a single source featuring powerful business intelligence functions and company-wide workflow management has laid the foundation for significantly enhancing transparency and streamlining processes.

Implementation Within Twelve Months

From the very beginning, the entire project team, composed of the management, heads of departments and key users, was involved in the selection process and supported the decision they had made together. Especially proALPHA's appealing user interface and its concept of dependent windows was a highlight for key and end users.

Since toolmaking and injection molding are an indispensable part of GAUDLITZ's business, it was crucial to map the combination of make-to-order and series production in proALPHA. Today, GAUDLITZ uses proALPHA to plan, control and monitor both production types. Moreover, MRP allows production to be controlled with family molds. Automatic inventory audit is included, too.

Gaudlitz Hauptsitz

Efficiency and Transparency as Success Factors

Numerous processes have been automated with the integrated workflow. Each information carrier in an active workflow is automatically passed on according to the business processes assigned to it. Rules provide a smart way to create variable implementation options for fixed, predefined processes. When the individual steps of a process are completed, the current results and conditions define how the workflow continues.

With the entire material, goods, value and information flow mapped in one system, transparency is increased. Today, GAUDLITZ has optimized utilization of its resources and can continue to grow internationally ─ as in China, where 150 employees manufacture gearboxes and other components with the help of automated production processes.

In 2014, the subsidiary in China contributed almost 25% to GAUDLITZ's total revenue and is expected to experience double-digit annual growth until 2018. Thanks to proALPHA, the management in Coburg is always on top of its subsidiary's activities. The versatile ERP solution coupled with direct communication ensures that even subsidiaries on the other side of the world can complete projects independently.

A Solid Foundation for Sound Decisions

"I have to control the company in real time, and proALPHA provides us with reliable information really quickly," says Niels Roelofsen of the ERP system. The benefits gained with proALPHA have encouraged GAUDLITZ to use the software in more of its divisions and connect more workstations.

proALPHA ─ The ERP Solution of Choice

A strong company is the driving force behind this cutting-edge ERP industry solution: proALPHA is an innovative group that has earned the trust of numerous users and is always close to its customers, be it in Germany or around the world.

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