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Firing on All Cylinders with proALPHA

Burning hot is just the right temperature for Franke Industrie AG. For 60 years, the Swiss company has manufactured heat-resistant components such as combustion chambers, nozzles, flame tubes, and guide vanes. Having to resist temperatures of up to 1,200° Celsius, these hot gas parts are used in gas turbines in the energy and aerospace industry. They are anything but standard. Their lot sizes are proof of this, too: they range between 1 and 300 at the maximum. On average, their manufacture takes nine months, from the time a quote is issued to the day the shipment leaves. Europe and the USA are Franke Industrie's most important markets. The company has an export share of almost 100 percent.

Franke Industrie competes with numerous mid-sized suppliers for a relatively small number of only 100 customers in the market worldwide, among them Siemens, GE, and MAN. proALPHA helps the company gain an edge over its competitors. The integrated document management system DMS is of great benefit to Franke Industrie: it ensures that all documents are readily available, be it scans, supplier invoices or certificates. Moreover, the proALPHA WorkflowManagement helps automate business processes in purchasing, production, assembly, and sales.

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Industry: Metal Processing

Sites: Aarburg/Switzerland

Products: Hot gas path parts for gas turbines in the energy and aerospace industry

Revenue: €21.5m (2016)

Employees: approx. 80

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  • proALPHA establishes seamless digital business processes
  • Employees of all departments always have relevant documents at hand thanks to the proALPHA Document Management System
  • Receipts can be automatically labeled with barcodes and archived, and documents can be assigned to business transactions using drag and drop
  • proALPHA Workflow Management automates workflows and promotes reliable and transparent process control
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Effectively Managing Thousands of Drawings

The manufacture of components involves a largenumber of documents, such as invoices, shipping documents, bills of materials, drawings, logs, material certificates, and inspection reports. The document management system integrated in proALPHA allows Franke Industrie to store all of these documents in digital form. They can then be assigned to business transactions using drag and drop. "We use the proALPHA DMS throughout the entire company. It has helped us enormously to reduce the effort involved in archiving and filing documents," says Markus Fretz, Head of Production at Franke Industrie. "Our employees always have relevant documents at hand, regardless of whether they work in sales, production or accounting." They can access these documents by using the corresponding receipt in proALPHA or the search functions provided in the DMS.

Documents created in proALPHA are automatically labeled with barcodes and archived. Franke Industrie generates 8,000 barcodes per year. This number also includes external documents, of which several hundreds are received every day. In the afternoon, they are collected, scanned, and stored in proALPHA. Consequently any document is available in electronic form one day after it was created or received at the latest. Franke Industrie relies on this function especially when providing quality certificates for the raw materials it processes, such as nickel and cobalt alloys. The company has to send these certificates to customers together with finished components. Missing or inaccurate certificates might sour customer relationships. It is therefore crucial to ensure and fully document the components' quality.

Drawings management is very popular with Franke Industrie's employees, too. It allows them to efficiently manage CAD drawings, engineering drawings as well as pictures and graphics and add them to a product file. Franke Industrie creates more than 10,000 drawings per year. It is also possible to assign bills of materials to the drawings. This is especially useful when communicating with suppliers. When orders are sent to suppliers, proALPHA ensures that the right documents are provided, too. Since specifications are clear from the outset, fewer errors occur.

FRANKE Industrie AG
„We can definitely recommend proALPHA's integrated document management system.“

Tomas Samoel, Finance and HR Manager Franke Industrie AG

Automating Processes with Workflows

proALPHA WorkflowManagement is another key factor in boosting Franke Industrie's performance. Automated workflows support employees in their daily work and significantly increase efficiency. It is possible to define each individual step. After one step has been completed, the workflow automatically continues withthe next step without employees having to intervene. They can focus on more important tasks instead.

The workflows set up at Franke Industrie are initiated automatically, for example, when an order is placed. Employees have to follow a defined approval process in this case. This ensures that orders that have not been approved cannot be placed. There are also workflows that can be initiated as needed, such as workflows for incoming inspection. If employees detect that shipping documents are missing, they can manually initiate a workflow to request the documents from the supplier.

Setting Standards with proALPHA

All employees at Franke Industrie work according to the ERP system's process definitions. Tomas Samoel sums it up: "We have put proALPHA in the driver's seat." This allows the company to focus on its core business and realize its full potential. With this consistent approach, Franke Industrie has achieved considerable success. All departments are well-organized and work with standardized methods. Processes are highly reliable. Data are accurate and stored at a central location. "When we generate a list of open orders, we can be sure this list is correct. When we check the back order quantity, we can be sure to have precise data at hand." The same is true for inventory values. Integrated warehouse management allows Franke Industrie to determine the type, number and location of materials and parts in stock at any time. "Our accounting employees would not have any difficulties in managing our warehouse," says Tomas Samoel. "An integrated solution like proALPHA is perfectly suited for our company. I can recommend it to all small and mid-sized enterprises whose production is geared towards bills of materials."

proALPHA ─ The ERP Solution of Choice

A strong company is the driving force behind this cutting-edge ERP industry solution: proALPHA is an innovative group that has earned the trust of numerous users and is always close to its customers, be it in Germany or around the world.

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