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Customized High-Performance Components for Mechanical Engineering

C.A.PICARD is a long-established company that manufactures and distributes heavy-duty metal precision parts worldwide. The parts produced in the plate technology and extruder technology divisions are used in various industries and fields. C.A.PICARD uses proALPHA at its two sites in Germany to ensure reliable, efficient processes and control the entire value-added chain. Especially WorkflowManagement is of great benefit to the company.

C.A.PICARD's two production sites in Germany focus on two lines of business: plate technology includes the manufacture of press plates and carriers, die cutting plates and mold tooling, multilayer registration systems, spare parts for foundry molding lines, and parts for calcium silicate brick presses. Extruder technology includes the manufacture of wear and spare parts for twin screw systems, such as shafts and barrels. 



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Sites: Deutschland, USA, China, Japan

Products: Hochbeanspruchte Präzisionsteile aus Metall (Geschäftsbereiche Plate Technology und Extruder Technology)

Revenue: 40 Mio. Euro (2014)

Employees: 400

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  • Modular ERP system offering deep integration
  • Modern user interface for supporting employees in their work
  • Various production structures are mapped in the system
  • Engineering can be fully integrated into the standard version
  • Language versions for US and Chinese sites are available
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Conveniently Managing Diverse Lot Sizes

"In plate technology, few orders with large lot sizes of up to 100 are processed. In extruder technology, a large number of orders with small lot sizes have to be handled," explains Arnd Pflugrad, Head of IT. "This is why we work with two MRP areas but with only one planning system."

Although C.A.PICARD uses non-standard workflows to generate and process its orders, they could all be mapped in proALPHA. Three sales departments, two routing departments and one engineering department work closely together and even complete untypical tasks. proALPHA offers the flexibility and tools required for this. Integrated WorkflowManagement is key here.

An order typically starts with a drawing provided by a customer or the engineering department. Purchased parts are created by the purchasing department, simple parts by sales, and complex parts by engineering. The workflows configured in proALPHA ensure that the respective specialists complete all order-related tasks promptly.

Engineers work with the 3D CAD system Solid Edge, but the master data are managed in proALPHA. CAD and ERP can be seamlessly integrated thanks to the proALPHA module CA-Link. Drawings and release processes are managed in the proALPHA Document Management System (DMS). It increases transparency and allows departments to access drawings and documents at any time.

The sales department generates work orders for parts that are not in stock. The orders are forwarded to the routing department, which schedules them using proALPHA. Via a workflow, the order-specific dates are transferred back to the sales department, which communicates them to the customers.

The credit limits of customers and suppliers are checked automatically, too. As a result, the respective specialists are automatically notified of critical situations early on. This also increases planning reliability for C.A.PICARD. "The proALPHA Workflow is a truly dynamic component that automates and connects a large number of functions," says Arnd Pflugrad.

Carl Aug. Picard GmbH
"At the push of a button, we create costings and routings for components entered using the part classification system."

Arnd Pflugrad, Head of IT, C.A.PICARD

Configuration at the Push of a Button

C.A.PICARD mainly uses the proALPHA Product Configurator in routing. "At the push of a button, we create costings and routings for components entered using the part classification system," explains Arnd Pflugrad.

C.A.PICARD currently operates using a stock of 50,000 drawings. With delivery times of six to twelve weeks and cycle times of three weeks on average, the production department has to handle numerous orders in parallel: approx. 800 for plate technology and 1000 for extruder technology. The logics and plausibility checks of the proALPHA Product Configurator ensure that only technically feasible product variants are created from the properties and components available. This helps avoid planning errors, increases process reliability, and reduces cycle times.

Efficient Warehousing

proALPHA's warehouse management system increases process and delivery reliability while ensuring profitability. Besides receiving and issuing storage areas, it allows customer-specific and product-specific warehouses as well as consignment areas to be managed. C.A.PICARD needs a big warehouse to stock special steels with long replenishment times, for example. All of these warehouses can be stored and processed in proALPHA in parallel complete with their stock and value figures. This ensures that material is available even if long lead parts have to be processed, permits precise costings for end products, and optimizes overall costs in materials management.

Great Usability

The proALPHA graphical user interface has been designed to optimally support employees in their work. It enables users to create their personal working environment by saving the programs they frequently use as a scenario. "Our employees have developed a deep understanding of proALPHA," says Arnd Pflugrad.C.A.PICARD has achieved a high level of

integration with proALPHA and plans to gradually implement more functionalities. For example, the company wants to use the CRM module to improve customer service and facilitate communication between sales and field service. Moreover, internal and external claims processing has been mapped with proALPHA.

C.A.PICARD's management also aims to install proALPHA Human Resources and business cockpits. The cockpits feature graphic analyses that can be conveniently customized to obtain an overview of current business figures. Internationalization is also becoming increasingly important. With its numerous country versions, proALPHA is perfectly suited for C.A.PICARD foreign subsidiaries, too.

proALPHA ─ The ERP Solution of Choice

A strong company is the driving force behind this cutting-edge ERP industry solution: proALPHA is an innovative group that has earned the trust of numerous users and is always close to its customers, be it in Germany or around the world.

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