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Design partner puts teeth into the future of ERP

The bredent group is a globally leading provider of dental technology. The company from Senden, Germany provides dentists and dental technicians around the world with products and services for aesthetic prostheses and dentures. Besides a high level of quality, business partners expect fast service and ordering processes along with innovative solutions. bredent must also comply with stringent regulations for the admission and distribution of medical products, which vary from region to region, and ensure the seamless tracing of all lots and operations. proALPHA has been playing a key role in this highly complex product and process environment since 2003. bredent uses the ERP system as an innovative service platform and to boost efficiency, and contributes to the future of the ERP system as proALPHA's design partner. ...


  • All processes along the value-added chain within the bredent group mapped, including the interaction with customers and partners
  • Lot management and integrated document management system (DMS) ensure seamless tracing of all products and operations
  • Successful design partnership between bredent and proALPHA regarding "Handling Unit Management" and "3D Viewer":
  • Sales agent portal as an example for mobile solutions: smooths workload peaks in the customer service and in staging
  • Integration Workbench (INWB) as the communication hub for the exchange with external systems
  • Fewer interfaces and media disruptions thanks to systematic ERP design
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Industry: Mechanical & Plant Engineering, Wholesale, Medical Technology

Sites: Headquarters in Senden, Germany; 13 subsidiaries around the globe

Products: Matching individual products, system solutions (as in the implant prosthetics segment) and therapy concepts made in Germany

Employees: approx. 500

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