ERP from the Cloud

Tailored to SMEs, On Demand, Versatile

ERP from the business cloud adds to the scalability of SMEs. It allows them to expand their system without having to invest in IT infrastructure or to quickly connect smaller subsidiaries abroad. Not only does the cloud "Made in Germany" help keep IT investments low, it also adds to security, which cannot always be guaranteed by the computer centers of small enterprises. The cloud can be used in various ways, for example with ERP hosting or renting, or in addition to an in-house datacenter.

ERP from the Cloud

Further information on proALPHA as a comprehensive solution from a single source in this PDF.

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The Highlights of proALPHA ERP Cloud Solutions

  • Secure cloud solution "Made in Germany": Operation in a high-security data center, compliance with stringent regulations
  • The comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA up for hosting or for rent
  • Less in-house work for implementation, maintenance and operation
  • Easy integration of subsidiaries abroad
  • High IT security, availability, performance, and scalability

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Small Investments, High Flexibility

ERP from the business cloud offers companies of any size the benefits of cutting-edge ERP software without requiring high investments. They are only charged for the services they actually use and can adapt capacities as needed. If a company experiences growth, new user accounts can be created with a single click.

A German Business Cloud Solution to Suit Every Need

In cooperation with the IT and cloud service provider PIRONET, proALPHA has developed a comprehensive package for ERP from the cloud, complete with software, services, and support. If companies are only getting started with the cloud, they can rent a solution, or they can choose a hosted private cloud if they only have few users. Moreover, enterprise cloud solutions are available which involve the outsourcing of the entire system landscape.

A Cloud Model to Promote Outsourcing Strategies

proALPHA Hosting Enterprise is the solution of choice for existing customers who want to move to the cloud: not only is proALPHA operated in the cloud along with all customizations, all connected external systems can be hosted there, too. This strategy allows the entire system landscape to be outsourced. 

With ERP from the business cloud, proALPHA offers a powerful solution for small and mid-sized enterprises. It is able to map multiple departments, companies and international sites, offers high IT security and availability and can also be used on mobile devices.

Compliance with German and International Regulations

The data and systems of both the hosting and SaaS are stored at a German high-security datacenter run by PIRONET, which features a second datacenter that serves as a backup. Both solutions comply with the stringent German Data Protection Act as well as international security standards.

Secure Operation and Encrypted Data Transmission

PIRONET offers cost-effective high-security systems, including the physical security of a datacenter, backups, emergency management, system stability, and protection against malware and hacker attacks. High-speed data transmission is encrypted via SSL, secure VPNs, and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).