proALPHA Product Configurator

Customized Products at Reasonable Expense

The proALPHA Product Configurator allows a wide variety of products to be manufactured with greatest efficiency. It perfectly combines customization and productivity, even for lot size 1.

This is possible because the configurator is an integrated component of the comprehensive ERP solution by proALPHA. All relevant data of a quote such as prices and delivery dates are readily available. Moreover, the configurator automatically transfers required technical information to the next work steps, enabling a completely digital process chain right from the beginning.

Functionality and more

Detailed information about proALPHA Product Configurator in this PDF.

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The Highlights of the proALPHA Product Configurator

  • Product variants in small quantities down to lot size 1
  • Reduced workload for engineers: products can be designed by customers and sales employees thanks to integrated feasibility checks
  • Part drawings illustrate the future product
  • Reliable prices and deadlines
  • Short cycle times thanks to automated data transfer

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Technically Feasible Products

Already when entering orders, sales employees can effortlessly configure individual products. Plausibility checks prevent them from designing incomplete or inaccurate product variants. This avoids inquiries or errors due to configurations which are technically not feasible.

Customized Products

Color, form, size, features: every customer has different demands of a product. The configurator features part drawings and sketches which enable customers to check how their product will look like. They feel confident about their design right from the beginning.

"We use a configurator for each product group. The configurators provide the foundation for our business."

Hans Wiedemann, CEO, MAAS Profile GmbH

Quotes at the Push of a Button

All technical and commercial data are stored at a central location in proALPHA. The product configurator draws on these data to determine the final price and possible delivery date of a product variant. Once the configuration has been finished, all pieces of information are compiled to generate a quote, complete with cover letter, costing, and drawing.

Automatic Determination of BOMs and Routings

The proALPHA Product Configurator automatically generates data relevant to production using existing information. This saves both time and costs. These data include bills of materials, routings and drawings, for example, which are ready to be used in production processes. The product configurator is the perfect basis for production planning.

Used by MAAS Profile

proALPHA is a proven ERP solution on which many customers rely. Maas Profile has mastered its wide variety of products using proALPHA.

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