proALPHA Module

Overview of Key Functions

Modular Concept, Integrated Approach

proALPHA supports all core processes of small and mid-sized enterprises and can be tailored to suit their needs. Thanks to the system's modular structure, it can always be adjusted to the specific needs of each individual company. The modules are seamlessly integrated into the system and ensure a consistent data flow. This creates homogenous processes throughout the entire company and beyond.

Functionality and more

Detailed information about proALPHA ERP in this PDF.

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Core Modules

Functionalities geared to manufacturing and trading companies serve as the corporate backbone. They map key business processes along the value-added chain.

Special Modules

Its special features is what proALPHA truly sets apart. They promote and accelerate processes between divisions and companies, boosting productivity.


Linked workflows, digitized processes and Industry 4.0 require seamlessly connected systems. All common CAD applications as well as any devices and systems can be connected to proALPHA ERP.