proALPHA ERP - Komplettlösung

Comprehensive ─ Integrated ─ Tailored to SMEs

The ERP System for the Entire Value-Added Chain

Each company is unique. Many SMEs are world market leaders in their niche, which makes them real Hidden Champions. proALPHA has been geared to the special business processes of these enterprises. Its state-of-the-art software architecture offers comprehensive customization options while retaining full release capability. Become more flexible thanks to a variety of cloud options.

Functionality and more

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Tailored to SMEs ─ the Highlights of proALPHA ERP

  • Fully integrated, comprehensive ERP solution
  • For make-to-order and series production as well as trade
  • Provides optimum support for international business
  • Geared to achieve maximum productivity and transparency along the entire value-added chain
  • Facilitates customizations and extensions with its cutting-edge software architecture
  • Available as on-premises software or cloud solution
ERP Komplettlösung - proALPHA

Seamless digital business processes

proALPHA is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize all relevant core processes. It offers a wide range of functionalities for purchasing, materials management, production, cost accounting, financial accounting, sales, customer relationship management, business intelligence, CAD integration, document management, and e-business.

Successful International Business

proALPHA provides optimum support for companies operating worldwide. By offering numerous language and country versions and allowing the convenient connection of local third party systems, the software enables companies to manage all their data in one system all over the world.

"Instead of just reacting, we take action. Thanks to proALPHA, we are well-prepared for all future challenges."

Joachim Schill, managing partner at MAJA-Maschinenfabrik Hermann Schill GmbH & Co. KG

Automated Workflows

Reducing administration effort and processing times, taking routine tasks off the hands of employees, increasing transparency ─ business processes can be automated with integrated Workflow Management to achieve optimum process quality and reliability.

Invest in Your Future

Thanks to the process and service-oriented software architecture (SOA) of proALPHA, companies can modify their ERP system fast and at reasonable expense if they are confronted with new challenges. proALPHA enables them to strive for innovation, react to changes in the market, and seize new sales opportunities. This creates and maintains seamless processes with all divisions involved.

Versatile Cloud Solutions

The ERP system is available as on-premises software or cloud solution offering high availability and data protection according to German law. The versatile functions offered by ERP from the Cloud gives companies the flexibility they need to be able to react faster to changing market conditions. This is of great advantage to companies that experience rapid growth and want to enter foreign markets.