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System Administration

The Foundation for High-Performance ERP Infrastructure

The smooth operation of an ERP system requires more than a reliable ERP application. proALPHA therefore offers comprehensive consulting services for all topics related to system administration ─ manufacturer-independent, individual, and tried and tested. You benefit from professional support, regardless of whether you want to implement proALPHA for the first time or plan an upgrade. Consulting services include individual security and availability concepts as well as regular annual system checks.

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proALPHA Consulting on System Administration at a Glance:

  • Annual system checks to avoid errors and failures
  • Performance analysis and tuning of the entire ERP infrastructure
  • Environment to monitor proALPHA ERP
  • Optimized virtualization to ensure scalability and availability
  • High availability thanks to standby solutions
  • Optimum use of the proALPHA Admin Framework

System Inspection

If you operate and maintain proALPHA ERP yourself, make sure to have it checked regularly. An annual check of your ERP system helps you detect and remove errors early on. This prevents your system from crashing or gradually slowing down. It takes our system administration experts only one day to check your proALPHA solution and analyze the database and backups. If required, they adjust configuration and recommend further actions.

Performance Analysis and Tuning

If users have the impression that proALPHA is working too slowly, this might have various reasons. In many cases, the problem is not caused by proALPHA but a combination of other factors.

Consultants therefore take an integrated approach when analyzing your infrastructure and check all components, including the database, virtual environments, servers, and storage systems. They draw on long-time experience and best practices and have numerous check lists at hand. Stable infrastructure and a smoothly running proALPHA solution support users in their work and significantly increase efficiency in daily business.

Optimized proALPHA Monitoring

proALPHA offers comprehensive support in optimizing monitoring. Your current monitoring system is analyzed in a workshop. You can draw on the experience of our consultants to plan how to extend and improve it. Based on the results of this workshop, you set milestones and start to configure your monitoring environment.

ERP Audit

Do you make full use of your ERP system? proALPHA consultants help you get the most out of available functionalities.

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proALPHA offers professional consulting on all topics related to ERP infrastructure, from administration to performance tuning and virtualization.

Virtualization and Availability

A major conversion such as an upgrade to another proALPHA release is the ideal opportunity to put your IT architecture to the test. You can check whether your system is future-proof. Availability and scalability are key here. Together with proALPHA consultants, you define the most important parameters and then assess possible alternatives. All analysis and documentation methods used comply with the standards of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Relevant IT systems, applications and services as well as their dependencies are analyzed. This yields a sound concept of your future IT architecture. Moreover, proALPHA recommends what to do next, provides you with an order list for requesting quotes, and also evaluates these quotes. If desired, proALPHA and its partners offer you a comprehensive solution from a single source.

Well-Prepared for the Worst Case

proALPHA supports you in taking preventive measures against malfunctions and system failure with professional consulting services and standby solutions. This helps you minimize downtime and avoid data loss if technical problems with the infrastructure occur. Standby solutions are fully operative productive systems that can be used if the standard infrastructure fails. proALPHA's portfolio also includes the creation of documentation of how to proceed in such a case as well as tests and annual checks of worst case scenarios.

Administration Framework

The proALPHA Administration Framework facilitates the administration of the ERP system. It offers comprehensive functions to manage all central components of the ERP software. The easy-to-use web interface helps administrators and IT specialists to quickly get an overview and significantly increases efficiency. The framework allows administration tasks to be completed faster and can also be efficiently used by employees who only take care of proALPHA administration occasionally.

Monitoring your IT

proALPHA offers comprehensive system monitoring and maintenance that reduces workload in IT and ensures smooth operation while giving you full control of all processes.

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