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GBTEC and proALPHA Cooperate in Process Mining and Process Intelligence

GBTEC, one of the leading European BPM players, and proALPHA, one of the leading ERP providers of solutions for medium-sized companies, will cooperate in the areas of process mining and business intelligence from now on.

GBTEC, one of the leading European BPM players, and proALPHA, one of the leading ERP providers of solutions for medium-sized companies, will cooperate in the areas of process mining and business intelligence from now on. This adds significant value to the digital transformation of customers of both companies.

  • GBTEC prevails over renowned competition in extensive tendering process
  • GBTEC CEO Greinke: "With BIC Process Mining, we complete the BPM life cycle and open up the hyperautomation for ERP."
  • proALPHA COO Steib: "We raise our potential by combining process management with process mining."

On October 13, Nicolás Steib, Chief Operating Officer at proALPHA, and Gregor Greinke, founder and CEO of GBTEC Software AG, announced the expansion of the business partnership to process mining and business intelligence. Hence, GBTEC wins the third largest ERP provider for small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as customer and sales partner of BIC Process Mining by Apromore.

In search of a process mining solution, proALPHA has initiated an extensive tendering process in cooperation with the RWTH Aachen. GBTEC prevailed over numerous renowned competitors and emerged from the process as a winner with BIC Process Mining.

Nicolás Steib and Gregor Greinke see great potential in linking ERP and process mining
Nicolás Steib names the following aspects as the reason for proALPHA's decision: "GBTEC is one of the few providers which covers the entire BPM life cycle comprising design, automation, and mining with one software suite. This allows us to jointly tap into all potentials of business process management for enterprise resource planning. GBTEC has also shown us the path to hyperautomation, an integrated automation strategy of companies which reaches far beyond the simple automation of tasks."

"We've already seen great results with BIC Process Design in the context of the process-oriented ERP implementation," says Nicolás Steib. "We will follow now the same path even more consequently with BIC Process Mining by analyzing processes already with the implementation of proALPHA using mining algorithms. For our customers, this entails an even faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient ERP implementation. Thanks to benchmarking and industry-specific reference comparisons, our customers benefit from even more new functions."

Gregor Greinke on the expanded cooperation: "For over a year, we've been successfully working with proALPHA on linking ERP with business process management. We're proud that we were able to convince proALPHA of our new process mining solution as well and that we're tapping into the entire BPM life cycle including hyperautomation for their ERP solution. The interface will facilitate the process-oriented implementation of the ERP system and the long-term monitoring of ERP processes. BIC Process Mining visualizes the daily processes of such systems. This helps companies to work more efficiently and to reduce costs."

Process mining taps into the saving potentials of recurring processes
By automatically recognizing and evaluating processes, process mining provides great saving potentials, in particular for regular tasks in the company. BIC Process Mining uses the data of different source systems to create process models. These models display possible weaknesses, the proneness to errors, and bottlenecks.

Many workflows in ERP systems are particularly suitable for process mining since they are recurring tasks. The proALPHA software stores a large number of data, which are the basis of the process optimization. For instance, BIC Process Mining maps the chronological order of processes by means of the start and end data of individual operations, and visualizes waiting and stopping times. The other attributes of certain operations also contribute to the extensive analysis of the ERP processes in BIC Process Mining.

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