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Are You Making the Most of the Potential That Lies in Your CAD Data?

This check list will help you make more of your data.

Most companies working with CA-Link often only use it in production. The potential benefits go far beyond this area, though. proALPHA has compiled 5 additional options for improving processes provided by this module.

  • Accelerate purchasing
    You should transfer current engineering data from the CAD applications to the ERP system in real-time. This way, employees cannot only place orders early on but also immediately answer questions from suppliers themselves.
  • Involve warehouse logistics
    In warehouse logistics, you require access to the current bills of materials, orders, and tool data to be able to plan without any delays during routing. This also significantly accelerates the collaboration across departments. "Today, our engineers work directly in the proALPHA ERP system thanks to the CAD integration. The CA-Link module has greatly boosted our processes," says Michael Wenk, CEO of WKK Kaltbrunn AG.
  • Work step by step and without any errors in assembly
    Representing CAD data in simplified 3D models can significantly facilitate the understanding of steps in assembly. Even complex questions can be answered quickly this way. Time-consuming inquiries hence become obsolete and errors are minimized. Furthermore, no original data must be provided which protects them from abuse.
  • Secure bonus points in after-sales service
    Repairs and regular maintenance require complete and current product information. You need to accurately document the entire life cycle of a project in a product file. If it is also possible to call Viewer drawings and check them interactively, service will be able to prepare their work better and to complete it even faster.
  • Impress sales and marketing with 3D models
    A sales employee who does not generally have access to a CAD system benefits from data and models which they can access in the ERP system. The drawings of past projects can be used for orientation purposes and as templates for new quotes. This does not only lead to a more independent process in sales, but also makes inquiries to the engineering department obsolete. Furthermore, sales and marketing often require drawings for catalogs, brochures, quotes and the like. If released 3D representations are automatically stored, they can be accessed at any time.

As you can see, you can significantly increase the productivity by giving other departments access to CAD data via the ERP system. The whole company benefits from this.

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