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CAD, APS, and cloud – highly interesting but also highly complex. Our explainer videos make use of specific examples to present these and other topics in a comprehensive manner. They provide a vivid summary of how the proALPHA modules work.

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proALPHA Explainer Video

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Optimize your production

proALPHA ERP: Automatic processing of accounts payable

proALPHA Explainer Video

Automatic processing of accounts payable

Ensures noticeably more speed and process reliability

proALPHA Explainer Video

Business Cloud "Made In Germany"

Safe and Tailored to Your Business

proALPHA Explainer Video


CAD integration made easy!

ERP implemantation

proALPHA Explainer Video


Professional and structured ERP implementation

proALPHA Explainer Video


Product variants realized quickly and cost-optimized

proALPHA Explainer Video

Project Management

Competent Project Handling

proALPHA Workflow Management - Video

proALPHA Explainer Video

Workflow Management

Fully Automated Process for Maximum Transparency and Control