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Success entails assuming social responsibility and giving something back ─ because not all people are on the bright side of life. proALPHA contributes to making their life better.

The main focus of the company's initiative is on local institutions in Kaiserslautern, Ahrensburg, and Kenya. They are all dedicated to assisting children and seniors.

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Children's Hospice Sternenbrücke, Ahrensburg

The Children's Hospice Sternenbrücke is a facility for children, teenagers and young adults with terminal or degenerative illness – a hospice for young patients for whom there is no cure and who have a limited period left to live. It is a place where children can spend the last days of their life in a caring environment.

Logo: Sternbrücke

Cancer Aid Kaiserslautern, "Mama/Papa hat Krebs" ("My mom/dad has cancer")

The Krebsgesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz e.V. initiated the project "Mama/Papa hat Krebs" in April 2009 to help children and teenagers whose life has come apart at the seams due to their parent being diagnosed with cancer.

The society "Mama/Papa hat Krebs e.V." is dedicated to raising the funds for this project. Families receive the support they need in this difficult situation.

Logo: Krebsgesellschaft
By supporting various local and international charity projects, we help to care for those in need, be it children or seniors, be it in Germany or Kenya.

"alt-arm-allein", Kaiserslautern ("old-poor-alone")

"alt-arm-allein e.V." is an organization supporting elderly people in great financial needs in and around Kaiserslautern. 100 volunteers take care of people over 60 years who are alone and have to live on a very small pension. They do not only offer donations in kind, but also emotional support. "alt-arm-allein" is financed by donations.

Logo: Alt-Arm-Allein

St. Christophorus, Kaiserslautern

The Caritas Support Center St. Christophorus Kaiserslautern is open to people who run the risk of becoming homeless or have lost their home. It is a shelter where they can seek advice in difficult situations and emergencies.

Every year before Christmas, proALPHA employees show great commitment in an initiative for supporting this project by buying baubles. Their donation is used to finance the Christmas dinner and to buy warm sleeping bags and clothes.

Logo: Caritas

Rotary District 1860 in Rarieda/Kenya

The Rotary District 1860 help project in Rarieda, Kenya, is one of the first Future Vision projects and an excellent example of modern development cooperation and the efficiency of global grant projects.

The Rarieda district at Lake Victoria in Western Kenya is one of the poorest regions in the country. The people living there are in desperate need for help. 70 percent of the population have to make their living with less than one dollar per day and live far below the poverty line. Rarieda's HIV and malaria rates are the highest in the country. Approximately a quarter of the population is HIV-infected. 35 percent of children and teenagers are orphans.

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Central Uyoma with its 36 villages, 3,500 households and 12,000 people is the "adopted" community of the help project in the Rarieda district. The project focuses on keeping diseases at bay and providing medical care. Moreover, assistance is offered to families in need to help them provide for themselves. Education campaigns at schools are organized, too. The success after only one year was amazing.

Originally an initiative of RC Neunkirchen/Saar, the lighthouse project started in August 2011 and has become a district project in the meantime.

Rotary 1860

The Lindgren House in Bonn

If the life of babies, children and teenagers is in danger, action must be taken at once. The Lindgren House is a place where help is always at hand. If authorities decide that children have to get out of their families to be saved from harm, the Lindgren House can accommodate them at once. There is enough room for six children between the age of three and eight. With a big garden, rooms for romping about and being creative and many other opportunities for play and activities, the house especially suits the needs of small children.

Jugendhilfe Godesheim