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Feasible Master Plans and Profitable Production

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Deep integration of engineering, sales, logistics and production is required to turn a great idea into a product that can be put on the market as soon as possible and deliver high-quality products on time. Seamless communication and comprehensive resource management for production planning are key factors here. They allow you to react fast to changes on short notice. proALPHA offers consulting and software from a single source to support you in your daily business and help you put Industry 4.0 scenarios into practice.

Production Optimization

proALPHA Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) helps you gear production to specific target values, be it resource utilization, minimum stock or delivery reliability. You can also decide which target value is to have priority.

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Modules for Production and Engineering

All manufacturing processes of small and mid-sized enterprises can be mapped in proALPHA, be it make-to-order, variant or series production. This also includes CAD data integration, product configuration, and project management in make-to-order production. Feasible master plans ensure that all products can be delivered on time.

Making Use of New Technologies to Achieve High Profitability

proALPHA evaluates new technologies and trends on an ongoing basis. Not everything that is new and trendy already suits the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises. This is true for digital transformation, Industry 4.0, mobility, and user experience, for example. proALPHA therefore first checks how innovations can be put into practice in a profitable way before adding them to its portfolio. The successful Industry 4.0 projects of proALPHA customers prove that this is just the right concept. Read more about:


Professional Consulting to Streamline Your Production Processes

proALPHA is more than software. It stands for professional training and maintenance services as well as comprehensive consulting on production processes. Our consultants will also advise you on how to connect external systems, develop successful Industry 4.0 strategies, and consistently improve data quality. Further information on individual consulting services:

  • System Integration
  • Data Quality
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Small and mid-sized enterprises can map all of their core processes along the value-added chain with proALPHA. Since expert knowledge is required for specific processes, proALPHA works with selected partners who are specialists in their field. Moreover, proALPHA develops innovative ideas and hands-on solutions in cooperation with renowned research institutes.

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Information Materials

Do you want to learn more about proALPHA's industry-specific portfolio and the functionalities of its comprehensive ERP solution? Feel free to request your brochure, white paper or edition of the customer magazine by e-mail. You will receive the documents in a ZIP file.

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proALPHA in Practice

Customers are convinced of the integrated ERP solution and the professional consulting service proALPHA has offered for several decades now.

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