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How do you keep the IT system up and running while focusing on key topics such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0? The comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA optimally supports your business processes at any time. Its modular design offers high flexibility and allows the integration of external applications. All core processes along the value-added chain can be mapped with proALPHA. proALPHA advises your IT specialists on how to best handle the challenging tasks of their daily business and helps them develop long-term strategies.

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Powerful Modules for All Departments

From engineering to financial accounting, all core business processes are integrated in proALPHA, which makes it a reliable IT system to map company-wide data flows. Field service can access it using web portals. Machines, external systems and business partners are connected by means of an enterprise service bus. Recurring jobs and coordination tasks can be automated with workflows to promote digitalization.

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Implementation, Operation, Maintenance

proALPHA offers comprehensive consulting and IT services, including the implementation of the ERP system and continuous monitoring of its infrastructure. proALPHA consultants will also advise you on other ERP-related topics, for example, on how to connect external systems, ensure compliance, and develop successful Industry 4.0 strategies. Further information on proALPHA's consulting services:


Making Full Use of Trends and Technologies

proALPHA evaluates new technologies and trends on an ongoing basis. Not everything that is new and trendy already suits the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises. This is true for digital transformation, Industry 4.0, the cloud, and usability, for example. proALPHA therefore first checks how innovations can be put into practice in a profitable way before adding them to its portfolio. The successful Industry 4.0 projects of proALPHA customers prove that this is just the right concept. Read more:

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Hands-On Experience

proALPHA provides optimum support for its users by offering comprehensive training, professional customer service, and informative customer portals. This ensures that you are always up-to-date and make full use of your ERP system.

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proALPHA works in various partnerships to optimally fulfill the requirements of its users and to stay one step ahead of its competitors by encouraging innovation. Its technology partners contribute to achieving this goal with their cutting-edge solutions. The cooperation with selected partners allows proALPHA to offer services that go beyond the core processes of small and mid-sized enterprises and require specialist knowledge. By working together with leading research institutes proALPHA is well-prepared for future innovations and trends.

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proALPHA Sites

With 26 subsidiaries and partners worldwide, proALPHA is always close to its customers. This allows the ERP provider to offer fast support for international manufacturing and trading companies, be it consulting, implementation or project management.

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Do you want to learn more about proALPHA's industry-specific portfolio and the functionalities of its comprehensive ERP solution? Feel free to request your brochure, white paper or edition of the customer magazine by e-mail. You will receive the documents in a ZIP file.

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Being Successful, Being International

With 26 subsidiaries all over the world, a global network of partners and numerous language and country versions, proALPHA supports its customers in doing international business.

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