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Your job in your division places specific demands on you. proALPHA software, consulting and services are geared to your industry and provide optimum support. Whether you are a manager, specialist or worker ─ proALPHA will empower you!

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proALPHA Geschäftsführerbereich


proALPHA takes your business to the next level. Its software, services and consulting are tailored to suit the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises in manufacturing and trade. The software is based on a modular concept and comes with a wide variety of industry-specific functions. It …

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proALPHA-ERP Controlling

Finance & Controlling

proALPHA has far more to offer than balance sheets and profit and loss statements: the software supports you in financial planning, investment decisions, and risk management. Since all modules are closely interwoven and draw on the same database, relevant figures are readily available ─ …

Full Transparency, Great Convenience

ERP Produktion und Konstruktion

Production & Engineering

Deep integration of engineering, sales, logistics and production is required to turn a great idea into a product that can be put on the market as soon as possible and deliver high-quality products on time. Seamless communication and comprehensive resource management for production …

Feasible Master Plans and Profitable Production

proALPHA ERP Marketing-Vertrieb

Sales & Marketing

The success of a business deal not only depends on the price and quality of a product. It is also crucial to address customers with topics that matter to them. This requires efficient customer relationship management and streamlined sales processes. You can effortlessly achieve both with …

Winning Customers and Seizing Sales Opportunities

proALPHA Einkauf

Purchasing & Logistics

proALPHA helps you optimize processes and map your entire supply chain to ensure cost-effective procurement of high-quality goods on time. You can evaluate the success of your measures using comprehensive analysis options that allow you to precisely determine the savings you …

Make Sound Decisions and Reduce Costs

proALPHA ERP: Service Aufgabenbereich


Reliability and top quality: not only your products, but also your service has to live up to these standards. It is important to take appropriate measures as quickly as possible, regardless of whether you are in a phone call with a customer or on site. This requires accurate up-to-date …

Efficient and Professional

IT-Service ERP

IT & Organization

How do you keep the IT system up and running while focusing on key topics such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0? The comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA optimally supports your business processes at any time. Its modular design offers high flexibility and allows the integration …

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