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BBR Traffic Engineering

On the Right Track

BBR Verkehrstechnik GmbH and its 200 highly qualified employees manufacture innovative electronic systems and components for railway engineering. The company‘s portfolio ranges from point control and signaling systems to sophisticated train control with electronic interlockings and operations control systems. Supported by proALPHA, BBR efficiently handles small lot sizes while achieving a high degree of vertical integration and effortlessly tailoring its products to special customer needs.


  • Processing of customer-specific projects with small lot sizes
  • Electronics manufacturing with state-of-the-art placement machines, lines and workstations are connected to the ERP system
  • Transparency due to continuous mapping of all project processes
  • Full product documentation in product files featuring serial numbers and change histories
  • Automation of processes with global WorkflowManagement
  • Detailed production planning with proALPHA APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling)
  • Significant time savings thanks to company-wide access to all documents in the DMS
BBR Traffic Engineering

Industry: Electronics & High Tech

Sites: Braunschweig, Germany

Products: Point control systems, signaling systems, train control systems,electronic interlockings, operations control systems, dynamic passenger information systems

Employees: approx. 200


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