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    ERP Operation

    Reliable IT Operation and ERP from a Single Source

    The majority of small and mid-sized enterprises wants to manage IT tasks, data and systems in-house. proALPHA offers system monitoring and support to assist you in operating your ERP infrastructure and the proALPHA application. Today's IT managers are struggling to keep systems running smoothly. Many IT departments of small and mid-sized enterprises are overwhelmed by the degree of specialization and number of service levels. proALPHA takes care of IT so that you can focus on your daily business and all related tasks.

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    Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance ─ Benefits of Remote System Services

    • Smoothly running IT systems contribute to productivity in daily business.
    • You always have full control of your IT and ERP system.
    • The workload of your IT team is reduced so that you can spend more time on other tasks.
    • Your ERP system provider offers professional support.
    • No time or money has to be spent on training.
    • Shortages are avoided if employees are on vacation or sick leave.
    • IT budgets can be reliably planned.
    proALPHA ERP Beratung: Betrieb

    Continuous Monitoring

    proALPHA takes care of monitoring your ERP infrastructure and also manages the tools required for this purpose. Automated, event-controlled checks are run over the ERP application, databases, interfaces to connected systems, operating systems, and server hardware.

    Your system's status is assessed based on threshold values that have been tailored to your company. As a result, you receive the information and support you need.

    Preventive Maintenance

    A team of proALPHA specialists regularly completes the maintenance tasks any ERP system requires. They clean up the system and logs, adjust the AppServer configuration, and manage the proALPHA database.

    proALPHA Consulting Services

    proALPHA consulting goes beyond mere technology: its portfolio also includes process-oriented services, such as compliance, data quality, and analysis.

    proALPHA Remote System Services is comprehensive system monitoring and maintenance that reduces workload in IT and ensures smooth operation while giving you full control of all processes.

    Event-Controlled Monitoring

    proALPHA specialists are immediately notified of irregular system behavior. They thoroughly analyze any flaw in the system to decide whether they have to take action immediately or whether maintenance or performance tuning is required. All related measures are coordinated and scheduled in close cooperation with you.

    Monthly Status Reports

    Reports on proALPHA's operation are generated on a regular basis. They provide you with an overview of the events and availability in the past month. Moreover, the status of all monitored IT components is documented, such as hardware, systems, and networks. The reports also include recommendations on future extensions.

    Optimized System Administration

    proALPHA experts help you set up and maintain high-performance ERP infrastructure.