Press Release - 03.07.18

New proALPHA ERP Version Promotes Global Business

proALPHA 7.1 fosters growth in international markets with numerous functional enhancements in financial accounting, mobile warehouse and production logistics, product configuration, and production planning.

The new version of the comprehensive ERP solution proALPHA focuses on international business of small and mid-sized manufacturing and trading companies. Version 7.1 comes with numerous new and extended functions, especially in accounting. Simulation options for multi-resource planning and comprehensive support of mobile warehouse and production logistics are further highlights. Pilot customers confirm that their upgrade to the new version went smoothly and that they have already seen significant process improvements and cost savings.

International Business and Balancing

To support companies with subsidiaries abroad, proALPHA has added the country versions China, Netherlands and United Kingdom to its portfolio of country versions, which now comprises 15.  Version 7.1 makes international tax determination available in purchasing, sales, and reporting for financial accounting.

Profit and loss statements in proALPHA 7.1 Financial Accounting can be generated according to the total cost method or cost of sales method or both methods in parallel. One of the new features is comprehensive profit center accounting. Consolidation and reporting functions have been extended as well. The deep integration of the consolidation system LucaNet allows capital and proportionate consolidation without data having to be entered twice.

Mobile Logistics Accelerates Processes

Version 7.1 comes with new mobile functionalities for warehouse and production logistics. They not only speed up stock receipt and physical inventory but also accelerate the generation of requisitions and completion notices in production as well as time postings.

One of the pilot customers who tested the new mobile functions is Remko GmbH & Co KG, an air conditioning and heating technology specialist from North Rhine-Westphalia. Christoph Keßler, head of IT at Remko, is very satisfied: "We made the physical inventory 2017 with the mobility functionality and achieved significant improvements: previously, physical inventory took 14 employees 5 days, and now, 6 employees only need 3 days." And he adds: "All in all, the upgrade from version 6.2 to 7.1 went very smoothly." 

Simulation Options for Resource Planning

Extensions have been made to the proALPHA Production module, too: it now offers simulation options for advanced planning and scheduling (APS). What-if scenarios help companies optimize their strategy for fully or partially automatic multi-resource planning and allow them to adopt it into production planning.

Improved Functionality and Usability

proALPHA has implemented numerous customer requirements in the new version to improve functionality. The proALPHA List & Label report designer has been integrated in the ERP system as a graphic editor for designing forms and reports. This contributes to usability and increases process transparency. proALPHA now features a new, integrated development environment (IDE) with which product configurators can be designed and modified. It supports both power users and developers by providing an optimized application environment with responsive configuration masks.

"By adopting agile methods in product development, we have managed to reduce release cycles significantly. This enables us to deliver enhanced functionalities to our customers faster," says Gunnar Schug, Chief Technology Officer of the proALPHA group. "We can put customer requirements into practice swiftly and, in coordination with the proALPHA User Group, even implement features earlier than scheduled. Version 7.1 is clear proof of this. We have already used this new strategy here."   

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