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Success Factor Data Quality

Accurate Data Help Minimize Process Risks

Data are the key to digitalization. Companies rely on high data quality to keep their processes running smoothly and make full use of digital transformation. Your business processes define how many master files are required and the quality they need to have. proALPHA supports you in detecting flaws and inconsistencies to maintain high data quality. This is crucial to the implementation of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

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The Highlights of Data Quality with proALPHA

  • Process consulting: detection of flaws and identification of potentials
  • Detailed data analysis: quality and risk assessment, first action items
  • Continuous improvement: definition of rules for regular checks, efficient master files management
proALPHA Beratungspaket: Data Quality Management

Meet the Challenges of Digitalization

Closely linked processes place high demands on data quality since they dispense with manual checks of the data transferred between systems. A typo that is not detected might lead to high costs, for example. You therefore need to take a very close look at your processes to detect business-critical flaws. proALPHA consultants will help you assess the effects of inaccurate data on your business.

"We have boosted performance throughout the entire company. On the one hand, we removed media disruptions and redundant data. On the other hand, we accelerated processes and increased transparency."

Frank Geburek, CEO, Möhlenhoff GmbH

Take Appropriate Measures

Many companies only have a vague idea of whether their data quality is good or poor. proALPHA carries out an analysis to provide you with precise figures. You can see at a glance which data and how many of them are inaccurate, inconsistent, redundant or missing. This allows you to take appropriate measures to improve data quality.

No Cosmetic Changes ─ Real Improvements!

Sustainable master files management requires automation and rules. In a data quality workshop, you will set quality standards tailored to the needs of your company together with a proALPHA expert. The proALPHA Data Quality Manager is a tool that detects duplicates, empty fields, inconsistencies, errors and irregularities in your data. It features more than 300 predefined rules in the standard version. proALPHA will inform you about appropriate rules and thresholds and show you how to create and adjust them.

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The importance of accurate data and ten tips how you can consistently improve data quality

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