ERP-proALPHA Beratungspaket: Compliance


In Conformity with Regulations

Authorities and business partners demand compliance with regulations on processing data and information. Companies that are listed on the stock exchange or plan to go public have to comply with the regulations of the respective country, such as SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley act) in the USA. The proALPHA consultant team helps you map such regulations in your processes and ERP system ─ for example, by creating an authorization concept that is tailored to your needs.

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The Highlights of Compliance with proALPHA

  • Systematic analysis of individual requirements
  • Mapping of regulations in the ERP system to ensure compliance with SOX and other specifications
  • Detailed authorization concept
  • Automatic checks of the completeness and correctness of data
  • Complete data backup
proALPHA Beratungunspaket

Information Security and Access Control

Access to information stored in the ERP system, applications and network drives has to be strictly controlled and documented. Moreover, certain tasks have to be completed by different persons, such as placing orders, writing checks, and authorizing payments. These are things auditors focus on. Our consultants will support you in creating a cross-system authorization concept and implementing it in proALPHA ERP, complete with the configuration of control mechanisms.

Reliable reports and accurate data

Release processes and rule-based authorization are crucial to ensuring compliance and preventing abuse. Workflows contribute significantly to achieving this goal, too. Moreover, checks required for documents relevant to sales and orders can be recorded using the "Documents Checked" function in proALPHA. proALPHA consultants will show you how to make full use of available functionalities.

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The importance of accurate data and ten tips how you can consistently improve data quality

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"Our ISO auditors were thrilled to see how clearly processes are documented in proALPHA and how well the system supports them in their work."

Peter Völkner, CEO, Plauen Stahl Technologie GmbH

Accurate Data

Your business processes define which data are mandatory and which format they need to have. Duplicates have to be avoided. proALPHA consultants help you define required fields and data entry rules. Together, you will develop and implement a strategy to ensure data quality in the long-term.

Data Backup

proALPHA ERP not only features a backup function, it also allows all sessions and actions to be logged. proALPHA consultants will explain you in which cases data collection is useful and introduce you to the corresponding analysis tools.

Success Factor Data Quality

proALPHA supports you in detecting flaws and inconsistencies to maintain high data quality.

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