Dr. Friedrich Neumeyer

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Friedrich Neumeyer is the CEO of the proALPHA group. He is in charge of business strategy and development, product management, and human resources.

He gained expert knowledge of the international ERP field and the mid-sized market segment during his ten-year career in the management of SAP SE. As a member of the DACH Sales Territory management team, he was in charge of the mid-sized market segment, partner business development, and the distribution of cloud solutions. Prior to that, he had been responsible for the global distribution of SAP for small and mid-sized enterprises by sales partners and system houses. Dr. Friedrich Neumeyer began his career as a consultant at McKinsey. He studied physics at TU Darmstadt, where he was awarded his doctorate for his thesis in the field of experimental nuclear physics. Moreover, he studied economics at FernUniversität in Hagen.

"We are striving to maintain proALPHA's growth above market average. This makes us a reliable partner who offers professional consulting and cutting-edge technology to its customers."

Friedrich Neumeyer

Michael Finkler

Business Development

Michael Finkler is responsible for business development at the proALPHA group and member of the board of management. He also takes care of partnerships with leading research institutes and associations. He is committed to the development of practical Industry 4.0 solutions.

For more than 25 years, Michael Finkler has engaged in organization consulting and the implementation of ERP systems in mid-sized companies. As the founder and CEO of ALPHA Business Solutions AG, he has seen to the implementation and consulting of more than 350 ERP projects since 1994. Before, he gained wide professional experience as a project manager and head of ERP consulting at Hewlett-Packard, where he was involved in numerous projects with various IT systems.

"proALPHA participates in numerous pilot and research projects on Industry 4.0 to develop practical solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises. The ERP system serves as a hub, allowing all systems to interact smoothly."

Michael Finkler

Gunnar Schug

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Gunnar Schug has been CTO of the proALPHA group since April 2017. He is responsible for standard development, documentation, quality assurance, and support.

Gunnar Schug studied mathematics and has worked in several positions in the development department of proALPHA since 1999, lately as the head of software development. In this time, Gunnar Schug has shaped proALPHA's software development. He has thorough technological knowledge and a deep understanding of the core processes of proALPHA's customers. Usability, artificial intelligence and proALPHA's cloud services belong to Gunnar Schug's key topics.

„We attach great importance to continuity for our existing customers. At the same time, we want to drive innovation. This is a major benefit to all our customers.“

Gunnar Schug

Andreas Seidl

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

In October 2017, Andreas Seidl was appointed CFO of the proALPHA group and assumed responsibility for finance and controlling.

He studied mathematics and computer science and has more than 15 years of experience as CFO in the international software industry. Before he came to proALPHA, Andreas Seidl had worked as CFO at Automic, a market leader for company software in the area of business automation. He also led the Finance and Strategy unit at eBay Austria, was CFO at I&T Aktiengesellschaft (a joint venture of Magna International and 3M), and worked as a consultant at McKinsey, where he was responsible for various projects in the manufacturing sector. Andreas Seidl holds an MBA of the Rotterdam School of Management.

"proALPHA experiences continuous growth, which allows us to invest in new technologies, trends, and jobs. This is of great benefit to our customers, partners, and employees." 

Andreas Seidl

Andree Stachowski

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Andree Stachowski has been CSO of the proALPHA group since January 2015. He has assumed overall responsibility for the company's sales strategies to distribute software and related services. In addition, he is in charge of sales in Germany.

Andree Stachowski not only holds a degree in mechanical engineering, he is also a trained turner. Having 20 years of experience in selling ERP solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises, he knows the requirements of manufacturing companies perfectly. Before he joined proALPHA, Andree Stachowski had been a member of the management at AllforOneSteeb AG, the largest SAP system house for mid-sized customers in the German-speaking market. Prior to that, he had held management positions at Infor Global Solutions and a system house related to Sage. His main objective is to offer customers and prospects value-added consulting services tailored to the respective industry. To achieve this goal, his team draws on best practices and knowledge gained from implementing more than 1,800 customer installations.

"We want to offer purposeful consulting. The cooperation with our long-standing customers is of great benefit to our sales team here. It makes them highly skilled professionals and real industry experts."

Andree Stachowski

Nicolás Steib

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Since October 2017, Nicolás Steib has been the COO of the proALPHA group as well as CEO of proALPHA Consulting GmbH. He is responsible for proALPHA's consulting and project business.

The Swiss economist can draw on more than 20 years of experience in leading service organizations of international ERP companies. Amongst others, he led SAP's service business in the non-German speaking part of Europe and was responsible for other service units worldwide.

„We go the extra mile for our customers. We listen to them and want to learn from them. This helps us tailor our projects and solutions to suit their needs.“

Nicolás Steib